Information Books
UK I 2007

A series of three books each tackling an information led problem by creating an understanding about the subject.

Book 1: Information Design
This book has thirty six pages of visual analysis on static or print information, demonstrated in the form of questions and answers. It has been designed to make the reader understand and memorise its content without much effort. The textual content has been kept to the point and explained with the help of visual examples. The flow of information has been carefully streamlined through out this book.

Book 2: Information Overload
This book is a visual story about bottled mineral water. It often causes information anxiety while walking on the aisle in a supermarket, with many similar brands of products to choose from. One such product is bottled mineral water. There are about 140 bottled mineral water brands produced in Britain itself. This book is a simplified visual explanation on all there is to know about bottled mineral water.

Book 3: Information Inaccessibility
The book is designed to generate awareness through its simple information graphics about the water situation in Delhi. It deals with the problem of Information inaccessibility, information scarcity and information ignorance. This project gives an insight into the water crises happening in urban areas of Delhi city and points out some of the remedial measures as suggested by the government. Through a visual demonstration in the form of questions and answers and with the help of appropriate visual tools, this book make the information about the water situation in Delhi accessible and understandable.

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